A few more old Ealing photos

I’ve taken a few more photos for comparison, again using the Britain in Old Photographs book, and I expect to post a few more over the weeks as I improve my cropping speed.

High StreetHigh Street

These two photos above are of High Street, Ealing Broadway. The top one was taken in 1937 and shows the old police station on the right, which was demolished in 1970 and has now been replaced by the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. We now have a Subway where Easiephit used to be, which was a shoe shop which, after finding this branch, I’ve now discovered to be a chain. The building at the end of the road was Sayers, then advertising its 1837-1937 centenary sale, and it is now the Arcadia centre, housing among others McDonalds, HMV and TK Maxx. That building has recently been under threat from the Ealing Leaf redevelopment, which I think has now been postponed.

Ealing Broadway StationEaling Broadway Station - former location

Here, the white building on the right was the site for Ealing Broadway Station. The top photo was also taken in 1937. That building is now retail as a huge new entrance to the underground station and an office block were built just to the right of it. Apart from that, not much has changed here, other than the block of flats on the left, but now this road is bumper to bumper most of the time so I can only imagine how quiet it must have been then.

4 thoughts on “A few more old Ealing photos”

  1. Hello,
    I lived in Northfields from 1936 to 1959. ~My grandfather bought the house in Claygate Road for £226.00[on a morthgage!] in ca.1908.In my time Mr Codd was the greengroce on the corner of Mayfield Ave and Northfields Ave.
    Wonderful to see the old photos
    from Jenny

    1. Hi jenny, i also lived in claygate road No 25 from 1975 to 1995 and have great fond memories of northfields ave ,but just cannot find any photos from the 70’s or 80’s of all the shop down northfields ave can you help would really love to view them and maybe add them into a book i trying to write about northfields in the 70’s and 80’s
      many thanks andy

  2. i have lived in West Ealing since 1980 but have moved over to Oz now but still have good memorys of west ealing and was wondering if any body know where i can get old photos or prints of west Ealing or Ealing broadway.
    thank you

  3. I lived in the grove on the corner with bakers lane(now entrance to shopping centre car park) 1960-76. Plans for the centre were doing the rounds for 25 years!!!! But cottages demolished were uninhabitable by the 60’s

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